Cricket betting gathering steam around the world

 Cricket has never been a particularly unpopular sport. On the contrary, there are at least one billion people in the world who enjoy the sport in their daily lives. But, despite this, Cricket has never really found itself to be too successful a sport in the context of being bet on. The reason for this was mostly regarded as being the fact that online betting on cricket is either inaccessible or too expensive for the fans of the sport. But no.1 online casino portal for Canadian players – Play Casino™ has found that over the past couple of years, the game has been picking up in terms of the amount of bets and the number of betters who have gotten involved with the game online. This is an interesting statistics as it shows the growing potential of the previously underestimated part of the world to cause quick growth to the industry as a result of rapid influx. Play Casino mostly concentrates on casinos, which might discourage you from being confident in their stats, but the company has dedicated a significant amount of time to understanding what the real stats of the betting world are, so they are trustworthy enough.


Cricket betting as a growth industry

Cricket betting has been becoming more and more popular across the world. While some have been tempted to say that this is the result of the sport becoming more popular with time, the true reason is very different. In actuality, the popularity of the game has remained the same, it is just that the fans who love the sport have finally gained more access to the ability to bet on the game. India, the country where the game is most loved and has the most fans in, has recently been going through a huge increase in its infrastructural development. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people have been gaining access to the internet on a daily basis, and out of those hundreds of thousands, a huge number of them are fans of cricket. These are the people who have suddenly increased the amount of money being bet on cricket, currently. Although some of them might be placing smaller bets, there are a significant number of Indian middle class newcomers that spend a lot of their income on betting on cricket games, locally and internationally. The thing is, while the growth is fascinating to see as it is, it is not going to stop any time soon. The reason is that the majority of the Indians have yet to receive access to the internet. There is only going to be more and more people betting on the sport in the near and the far future.


The opportunity

Those who know how business works, know that they cannot ignore this opportunity. This is why many online betting resources are trying to get more involved with cricket, while casinos are thinking of how to attract more cricket loving fans to their venues. This sector is only going to keep growing for a long time, as the popularity of the sport is not going to drop off any time soon. It is going to be very fascinating to observe how the local and the international companies react to this growth and how they are going to take advantage of this opportunity.

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