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Muslim News

Erotic novel written by women, the ultimate in Saudi literature

Although it seems nothing short of amazing given the sexual repression and tight control to women in Saudi Arabia, the literature of this country in the Gulf has been born in recent times a striking literary fenomen: the emergence of a new generation of writers who fill the Arab libraries of works in which the erotic element is essential. Girls of Riyadh and 50 shades freed pdf are some of these creations that, although minority in saudi literary landscape, could mean major steps in what refers not only to the role of the woman as a creator, but also how translates your figure’s face to the public through protagonists of titles with high rates of sale. 

And it is so important that its authors are women that its protagonists belong also to the female sex. Others, for example, collects the life of a saudi teenager who cannot maintain relations with the boys of his age due to the strict social environment in which he lives. Because of this impossibility, just by entering the hidden world of Arab lesbians. Finally, however (and here one would perhaps warn a kind of “moral lesson” behind such transgression), guilt is imposed, the star redirects his life back to normalcy and marries Omar, which (in another twist to the traditional uses) has known through the web pages of contacts. SIBA al – Harez, the name that signature this work, is only the pseudonym of a 26-year-old Shiite city saudi of Al-Qatif has recognized, asked by his work, the other is a “response to the pain and alienation” of the Arabs. The fact that has not been able to show his true identity shows extent to which literature erotica written by women continues to be a dangerous “trade” in Saudi Arabia. In fact, Al- Hayat newspaper came to warn that the story is the ‘most controversial work from not only Saudi Arabia but all the Arab region’.

Girls of Riad, Rajaa Alsanea, opened this controversial path of Arab clear erotic inspiration works written by women. The text is a stark portrait of four women Saudi and his complex love life, including the homosexual skirmishes, premarital, and alcohol consumption. In Saudi Arabia, a phenomenon in lathe has been unleashed to these young writers, which might also mention Hani Nakshabandi, journalist and presenter of Al Arabiya, author of the intruder, book that recreates the epistolary relationship of the director of an Arab women’s magazine published in London by a saudi reading, which reveals all her sexual fantasies.

The success of these new narrators has earned him, as to Rajaa Alsanea, being voted as the Arab intellectual most influential in a survey by the weekly newspaper Elaph. After writing your bold and best selling girls of Riyadh, Alsanea has not hesitated to affirm in United States that “the problem is that there are a lot of restrictions in Saudi Arabia. We live in the 21st century and have traditions of the 19th. The boldness of the statements and actions of many of the new Saudi writers have earned numerous death threats, what pioneer increased still more the value of his character.

But now this approach to the erotic is us shocking in Arabic literature, the truth is that you it’s a topic that is alien to its tradition n. Already in the 15th century, the perfumed garden, Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Muhammad al – Nafzawi, became all a sexual manual developer. In more recent times, in the 1990s, the literature of women already also addressed erotic themes. It should be recalled in this respect works of the Moroccan Fatima Mernissi or Lebanese Hannan to the Sheikh, who in novels such as the story of Zahra (1994) or women of sand and myrrh (1994) to include lesbian characters and other delivered to sexual promiscuity. However, in the 20th century, there was an increase of the cenura in the sexual discourse of Arab society.

The new and groundbreaking works that we have talked about in this post in the case of Saudi Arabia shows a change of pattern that only time will tell whether it strengthens or if it becomes a mere literary anecdote.

The churches ‘shield’ against the bad guys

Las iglesias se 'blindan' contra los cacos

Juan Manuel Cuadrado, parish priest of Santiago, next to the brush that the police managed to recover

On June 21 the national police arrested 47 year-old man who had just take alms from the lampadario located next to the image of St. Jude Church of Santiago. To get the loot, she hid under the passage of the sacred dinner and waited for the temple to close its doors.
On the same day all the national news were made echo of an event occurred the previous day. A prison officer tore off an arm to the image of Christ in the great power, in Seville, under the astonished eyes of the faithful that at that moment in the basilica of Piazza San Lorenzo.
These two events, each one at his level, have opened the debate on security in religious temples. In the parish of Santiago, there have been five attempts of theft from the last Easter. A fact that has led to the confraternity of the Holy supper to convene an extraordinary meeting to take new measures that put an end to these incidents. «They want to install video surveillance cameras to identify the possible perpetrators of future robberies,» details Juan Manuel Cuadrado, the parish priest of Santiago.
In effect. Four of the five robberies have directly affected fixtures of this brotherhood, which keeps in this church throughout the year steps out every Holy Thursday procession. The first occurred on March 22, when it disappeared the brooch of gold and precious stones that looked the Virgen del Sagrario. This size on Holy Saturday returned to be targeted by the bad guys. This time, they took him a silver brooch, details the steward of the Holy supper, Serafín Martín Nieto.
Day 21 theft occurred in a lampadario of the brotherhood. The perpetrator, a neighbor of the neighborhood which accumulates 27 arrests for crimes against property, destroyed the candlestick, valued at 1,200 euros. Given the circumstances that June 3 there was a similar robbery in the Church and who also was resolved with another made lampadario tatters. The pastor and the police suspect that the author is the same. «Worst of all is the damage that we have caused. The two lampadarios cost $ 3,000,”laments Martín Nieto.
The fifth robbery took place two months ago. This time the target of thieves was brush of the parish.Luckily, tells the priest of Santiago, the police managed to immediately locate the perpetrators and managed to recover the brush with the alms.
Currently, the parish of Santiago has an alarm system connected with the police, which is activated when the temple is closed to the public in order to detect any movement that occurs in its interior. It was just as agents were unable to stop the author day 21 of the latter offence. The problem is that many items disappear from the churches when they are open and filled with parishioners.
The Cathedral of Santa Maria also has intruder alarms birmingham system. But the diocese wants to increase security measures. Therefore, it has asked budget a company to install surveillance cameras in this temple and the Church of the precious blood, open to tourism since last year. Two Angels at the base of the image of the Immaculate
Conception, which was exposed in December next to the altar on the occasion of his Novena disappeared in 2005. Two years earlier taken also of the high altar, a chalice of silver which was about to celebrate mass, the dean of the Cathedral, José Antonio Fuentes.
Sources, current vicar general of the diocese and delegate of heritage over the past years, points out that thefts in churches «will by gusts». The temples hold items that have good commercial outlet in the antique shops. It is the case of the angels of the immaculate conception or the child who also seized a few years earlier from the image of San Antonio.
“There have always been thefts in churches. It is not a new phenomenon,”said Cesar Garcia, Butler of the brotherhood of the Nazarene – which shares headquarters canonical with the Holy supper in Santiago–and former Chief of the Local police. “You tend to be meagre theft if causing great damage and a great sense of insecurity. We feel offended by the events in Santiago because it has been a sacrilege”, he says.
San Juan and the mountain
Measures that now think adopted in Santiago, Santa María and the precious blood reached long ago to San Juan and the sanctuary of the Virgin of the mountain. «San Juan was years ago the temple where more thefts were committed. They came to start the jewels to the Virgen de la Esperanza a Holy Wednesday and on another occasion removed the dome of a temple of 18th-century», José Manuel Martín Cisneros, Butler of the brotherhood of the Ramos recalls. Two years ago the parish decided to intensify security measures. And, for now, they are giving good results.
Whenever the Madonna of the mountain down to the city, the confraternity of the patron saint of Cáceres reinforces controls at the Co-Cathedral. On the one hand, install security cameras in the Temple so that the image remains controlled throughout the day. In addition, Local police officers move up to Santa Maria during the hours in which the Church is open the public. And at night, private, hired by the brotherhood, security guards ensure that everything is in order. In the sanctuary cameras are installed throughout the year, clarifies Joaquín Floriano, the Butler of the brotherhood. The Temple also has motion sensors similar to the Santiago, which allowed police to arrest more than one week ago the 47 year old man who hid under the passage of the Holy supper to with the loot.




Nella Jones – a Muslim psychic detective.

1975, Yorkshire (United Kingdom), in the last several weeks, women have been killed by which begins to be known as “the new Jack the Ripper“.Her conduct is macabre; bumping the head of his victims with a hammer and then parses the remains to consciousness. The police found no clues or patterns of behaviour that lead to criminal and victims, every few months, continue to appear in places disparate.

It appears in scene Nella Jones, woman who guarantees that certain psychic abilities and that, thanks to the telemetry, is a technique of perceiving details of a crime with a photograph or a piece of clothing of the victim, indicates that it could provide clues about the killer for his imprisonment. Police, desperate for the lack of evidence about the author of the crimes, accepts the help of Nella Jones.



Jones underwent two severe testing. On the one hand, several journalists closely followed all their contributions. So did a team of policemen, who controlled the unusual work of other Yorkshire agents responsible for the mission. Thanks to its so-called sixth sense, the paragnosta offered a series of data on the culprit who were exposed between October and December 1979.

Review the data that Jones had contributed police conducted a thorough investigation , but in the end did not serve them to nothing. Visions of Jones not derived police hit some and their collaboration with the detectives was finished. In short, a resounding failure of psychic reviews.

But we give a small review what Nella announced at the end of 1979 on this case.

He pointed out that she got to have flashes on the appearance of the killer and even perform portrait robot. He said that the Ripper by the name of Peter and said that sometimes I saw him driving a truck. He also said that the initials of the company that owns the truck were C and T. He also said that you saw him entering a home that could be his home. Unable to see more than the number of the portal, “6”, moreover, by the appearance of the street indicated that it might be the neighbouring town, Bradford.



All these data were collected on those dates in the scientific police journal, which published an article with a breakdown and an assessment of its validity in London.

Months later, on January 2, 1980, a police officer, Bob Ring, found a stolen car and decided to follow him. Arriving at his house the thief was arrested and when inspecting his house found certain clues suspect as bloody knives and a hammer that matched the one used against the victims.

Commissioner, the detainee confessed that he was the serial killer sought and gave evidence, telling details about the 13 murders which had been committed.

The arrest of the guilty was given by pure chance, but the press did not hesitate to reprimand the police, again pulling Nella Jones, its total ineffectiveness report the successes that this woman had made were of the most surprising.



Killer’s name was Peter Sutcliffe and, indeed, was driving a truck. Peter worked for Clark Transport, initials Nella had successful also. And curiously, Peter lived in number 6 of Gardem Lake Street, from Bradford!!


Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper


The psychic detective was successful in almost all their predictions, although in this case the detectives failed to make good use of them.Curious huh?

Edward Snowden: “NSA used Spying Software to tracking Muslim’s habits in order to defame them”

La NSA buscaba comportamientos inapropiados en personalidades musulmanas. (Via: Flickr)

According to what reported the Huffington post, based on some documents revealed by Edward Snowden, the NSA used Flexispy reviews to monitor by long history of 6 important Muslim people,with the aim of finding “personal vulnerabilities” to defame them. Those sought include pornographic material.

Never mentioned the names of people who were monitored, but apparently the aim of this research was to find something with which could make look bad leaders with his followers. For example, they found that an important academic not always reviewed all the articles published and is guilty of “promiscuity in line”.

In the same way, the documents highlight that those investigated use social networks to promote radical and controversial ideas. The NSA also followed the list of contactsof its objectives and they say that three of them were “minimum contact” with somedesignated terrorist. The other three reported more frequently with leaders of extremist groups, but none of them was charged as a terrorist or a terrorist ally.

It is not the first time that the Government resorts to such research to some personalities. When they killed Osama Bin Lademan revealed that there was a largecollection of pornographic material in his lair. They do this in order to get the dirty image of the founder of Al - Qaeda.

Established in Mexico dental clinic for Muslim children

Dr. Saúl Rotberg, dentist pediatrician, has a great national and international career. Graduated with honors from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and later obtained his Masters degree in dentistry at the University of Nebraska. He is a diplomate of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Dentist in Albuquerque and was director of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

She has taught courses on various topics of dentistry at children, orthodontics, and others around the world. He has been representative of Mexico at the World Congress of the IDF conferences. He was master of Pediatric Dentistry and orthodontics (growth and development) at the level of undergraduate and graduate students in various universities of the city of Mexico. Currently, he is director of postgraduate course of Pediatric Dentistry of Nova Southeastern University, where he teaches also kinds of orthodontics, oral pathology in children, and other issues.

Thanks to the success which has had in his career, he has wanted to contribute something, and to be giving lessons in Miami, she was asked to work in a clinic that served Muslim children. Hence he decided to open his own clinic to serve children with special needs. Children with cancer, with cerebral palsy, hit children, children with Down syndrome, AIDS, asthma, multiple allergies and other diseases.

“Treatment must be very specialized for each child, we have close synchronization with the attending physician, to know what medications you are taking, will make them analysis before beginning treatment for physical condition the child is,” says Dr. Rotberg, founder of the Institute of education continues (IDEC) of the Association Dental of the Federal District.

“The economic aspect, usually when a doctor sees a Muslim child dues go up uncontrollably, it is true that while taking care to these children is higher, but it is not right to charge more, especially knowing that costs, than of themselves already have parents with these children are huge, you have to take into account this from a humanist point.” Quotas to be obtained from the parents who Yes pay, will serve to cover the cost of those children who do not have financial means, regardless of their religion or origin”, says the author of the chapter of surgery at children’s book Pediatric Dentistry.

It is to reach an agreement with some laboratories so that children give them special rates to these and thus familiar to patients from all branches and know what is safe to treat them. Dr. Saúl Rotberg want is disclosure of his work, “may reach the office people who want to collaborate in this work”, says.

“The next step is to put clinics in various States of the Republic for extending this work”, says Dr. Rotberg, who has published articles in various journals such as the Journal of Dental Research, Journal of Continuing Dental Education, and the journal of the Mexican Dental Association.

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